Mikhail Bakunin

Bicentennial conference (1814-2014) – Pryamukhino, Russia

2014, the year of Bakunin

bakounine_LMLThe year 2014 will mark the 200th anniversary of Bakunin’s birth.

The Anarchist Federation (FA) and the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA) are going to undertake actions promoting anarchist ideas and practices, while celebrating the anniversary of Bakunin’s birth. During its last Congress, the Anarchist Federation decided to carry out federal actions, related to anarchism in general and to Bakunin in particular. Bakunin played an important part in structuring and asserting anarchist ideas and practices against authoritarian socialism and parliamentarism, against religion and the State, within the labor movement and trade unionism, and finally at the revolutionary internationalism.

The Secretariat of the FA (International Relations) and the Secretariat of the IFA will both make every effort to ensure the success of the various international and federal events.

These events could be threefold:
– Meetings / conferences / debates
– Festive gatherings
– International gathering in which the IFA could invest and invite other organizations to work seriously together.

It seems needless to organize extravagant festivities, but the following initiatives could be taken:
– A series of articles in our newspapers
– A special issue dedicated to Bakunin
– A series of broadcasts on our radio stations
– Brochures and books
– A conference organized over a weekend
– A tour through France
– International initiatives

We are also planning several international destinations:
– Russia, joining the initiatives launched by the Pryamukhino group
– France: Lyon, Paris, …
– Italy and Switzerland

All the Anarchist Bookfairs are also invited to put special emphasis on Bakunin and his thought during these events.

All the initiatives and blogs who will join this worldwide anarchist year dedicated to Bakunin will be referenced.

Both the FA and the IFA will support every initiative in this context; thus we are urging every group to take this opportunity to extend our organization and to spread our ideas.

November 2013

Fédération anarchiste (FA) – relations-internationales@federation-anarchiste.org

Internationale des Fédérations anarchistes (IFA-IAF) – secretariat@i-f-a.org


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