Mikhail Bakunin

Bicentennial conference (1814-2014) – Pryamukhino, Russia

Poland: Bakunin and Bractwo Trojka celebrations

We would like to inform you that on May 16-18, 2014 in Poznan, Poland, we celebrate 20 years of anarchist publishing house Bractwo Trojka. We celebrate this event during Mikhail Bakunin year and we plan to organize a talk together with Antoni A. Kaminski, who is an excellent Polish reasercher of Bakunin. We also are publishing a new book, a collection of Bakunin’s aphorisms. (In the future we plan to publish letters of Bakunin to Sergey Nechayev, with parts that were never published in Polish.)

poznanMeanwhile we also run the page http://bakunin.pl , which is a collection of texts and publications, we collect books of Bakunin and on Bakunin in our archive.

We distribute and promote the book of Antoni Kaminski:

Volume 1

Volume 2

In the past we have also published books on and by Bakunin:

Mariusz Olszewski – Bakunin i Marks – anatomia sporu w I Międzynarodówce (2009)

Michaił Bakunin – Bóg i Państwo (2012) [God and the state]

Presentations of books:




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