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Bicentennial conference (1814-2014) – Pryamukhino, Russia

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Workshop on international Bakunin research in Berlin

“Complete humanisation of the real situation”

Workshop on international Bakunin research on the occasion of Bakunin’s bicentennial

Berlin (Germany), 31 May 2014

In German-speaking countries international research on Bakunin is still largely unknown, although the eminent researcher Max Nettlau was one of its starting points here. In the workshop three presentations will be given by Bakunin researcher Wolfgang Eckhardt concerning sources, editorial principles, and research perspectives, followed by discussions of the results.

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Workshop zur Einführung in die internationale Bakuninforschung in Berlin

»Humanisierung der wirklichen Lage«

Workshop zur Einführung in die internationale Bakuninforschung anläßlich Bakunins 200. Geburtstag

Berlin, 31. Mai 2014

Die internationale Bakuninforschung ist im deutschsprachigen Bereich weitgehend unbekannt, obwohl sie hier in der Person Max Nettlaus eine ihrer Ausgangspunkte hat. Im Workshop werden zu den Themenbereichen Quellenüberlieferung, Editionsverfahren und Perspektiven der Forschung von seiten des Bakuninforschers Wolfgang Eckhardt Input-Referate gehalten, die jeweils im Anschluss in Form von Werkstattgesprächen vertieft werden.

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http://www.bibliothekderfreien.de/bakunin /index.html


Poland: Bakunin and Bractwo Trojka celebrations

We would like to inform you that on May 16-18, 2014 in Poznan, Poland, we celebrate 20 years of anarchist publishing house Bractwo Trojka. We celebrate this event during Mikhail Bakunin year and we plan to organize a talk together with Antoni A. Kaminski, who is an excellent Polish reasercher of Bakunin. We also are publishing a new book, a collection of Bakunin’s aphorisms. (In the future we plan to publish letters of Bakunin to Sergey Nechayev, with parts that were never published in Polish.)

poznanMeanwhile we also run the page http://bakunin.pl , which is a collection of texts and publications, we collect books of Bakunin and on Bakunin in our archive.

We distribute and promote the book of Antoni Kaminski:

Volume 1

Volume 2

In the past we have also published books on and by Bakunin:

Mariusz Olszewski – Bakunin i Marks – anatomia sporu w I Międzynarodówce (2009)

Michaił Bakunin – Bóg i Państwo (2012) [God and the state]

Presentations of books:



Lost, but not forgotten

Obelisque_alexanderNo, this blog entry is not about a TV series called “Lost”, which featured a guy named Mikhail Bakunin. This is a about a recent event in Moscow, and a sad one.

Russia is quite notorious for its disregard for its own past (and official history tends to be re-written every several decades or so). Just recently, in November 2013, as the Putin regime started official celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, Moscow lost one of its historical monuments under the guise of “restoration”. The monument – originally erected for the 300th anniversary of the Romanovs’ rule in Russia in 1914 and later subject to a detournement by the Bolshevik government as part of the latter’s “monumental propaganda plan” – bore the names of various non-Bolshevik socialist revolutionaries from Gerard Winstanley through to Georgy Plekhanov. In fact, it appears that apart from the grave stone in Bern, this had probably been the only monument to Bakunin (not that the famous anarchist cared for monuments).

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Website on Bakunin

bakunin.de_bannerSince September 2013 a new Bakunin website is online in German language: www.bakunin.de

It is dedicated to international research on Bakunin and includes an extensive bibliography section with many downloadable printings of Bakunin published during the 19th century and several scans of his manuscripts scattered throughout the internet. The most important collections of his works in FrenchRussianEnglish, etc. are listed as well.

A special section is dedicated to the major researchers on Bakunin such as Arthur LehningNatal’ja PirumovaMax Nettlau and others, including complete lists of their publications related to Bakunin. An extra page is dedicated to Nettlau’s first Bakunin biography (1896-1900) which offers, among other things, a list of known copies of that manuscript and a free download of a copy of Nettlau’s work.

Putting Bakunin (back) on stage

Tom Stoppard and Sergey Kornilov in Pryamukhino

Bakunin’s life of a revolutionary is rather well-known. Both his sympathizers and enemies admit that he was an archetypical rebel who lived a very dramatic and fascinating life, although judgements of his person and activities vary widely. Strangely though, even as he was portrayed on some occasions by novelists and playwrights, for some reason we would have trouble recalling major literary works devoted to his life. Most recently, Bakunin was among the characters in Tom Stoppard’s epic theatrical saga The Coast of Utopia, which was staged by various theatrical groups in the United States, the UK, Japan, Russia and Italy. But for all Stoppard’s undeniable talent in presenting Russian literature and history to the modern audience, one cannot but notice that his treatment of Herzen and Russian revolutionary intelligentsia is rather biased, if not cruel and satirical. Let alone Bakunin, who was turned into a pure caricature in The Coast of Utopia!

Ironically, about the same time as Stoppard was writing and putting on stage his three-piece 10-hour saga about Herzen, Bakunin, Turgenev, Belinsky, Marx and other notorious members of European revolutionary circles of the XIXth century, in Pryamukhino, Bakunin’s own native village, another man was working on his own theatrical plays about the notorious Russian rebel.

Sergey Kornilov, a retired theatre director, writer and now also the caretaker of Pryamukhino park and estate, wrote consequently three theatrical pieces, which traced Bakunin’s life through several crucial moments.

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Remembering Natalia Pirumova

by Mikhail Tsovma

pirumovaOn August 20, 1923, 90 years ago, Natalia Mikhailovna Pirumova (1923–1997), one of the best-known historians of the Russian anarchist and socialist movement, author of several books on Mikhail Bakunin, Piotr Kropotkin and Alexander Herzen, was born. [1]

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Bakunin conference in Poland

Poberovo, Szczecin region, Poland – May 29-31, 2014

do_SzczecinaOn May 29-31, 2014 the Institute of History and International Relations of the Szczecin University organizes the 2nd scientific conference on the history of anarchism, which is devoted to the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Bakunin. The conference will be held in Poberovo, near Szczecin in Poland.

In December 2010 the 1st conference on the history of anarchism was held in Poland, which was devoted to the history of Polish anarchism. Following the conference “Essays on the history of Polish anarchism” were published. On May 30, 2014 we will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of an outstanding thinker and anarchist activist Mikhail Bakunin and this will be the occasion for our conference. His personality was extraordinary, his contribution to the theory and practice of the socialist movement cannot be overestimated. It is also widely know that Bakunin supported Polish peoples liberation movement. We would like our conference to be part of a series of events in different European countries that aim to point out and emphasize the significance of Bakunin for the European political thought, especially the anarchist thought.
We invite all those who study the life, thought and activity of Mikhail Bakunin to take part in our conference.

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2014, the year of Bakunin

bakounine_LMLThe year 2014 will mark the 200th anniversary of Bakunin’s birth.

The Anarchist Federation (FA) and the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA) are going to undertake actions promoting anarchist ideas and practices, while celebrating the anniversary of Bakunin’s birth. During its last Congress, the Anarchist Federation decided to carry out federal actions, related to anarchism in general and to Bakunin in particular. Bakunin played an important part in structuring and asserting anarchist ideas and practices against authoritarian socialism and parliamentarism, against religion and the State, within the labor movement and trade unionism, and finally at the revolutionary internationalism.

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International conference for bicentennial of Mikhail Bakunin

Pryamukhino (Tver’ region), Russia

July 12-13, 2014

On May 30, 2014 we will be celebrating 200 years of Mikhail Bakunin (1814 – 1876), a famous activist of the Russian and international revolutionary movement, a social thinker and one of the founders of the international anarchist movement.

From his arrival to the Moscow philosophical circle of Stankevich in the 1830s and then to the European revolutionary circles in the 1840s, Bakunin attracted attention of his contemporaries. He has influenced the history of the Russian and international revolutionary, social liberation and anarchist movements of the XIXth and XXth centuries in some decisive ways. Bakunin’s libertarian socialist ideas also featured a visionary critique of the “state socialism” well before this political model was implemented in the Soviet Union and the countries of the “Eastern bloc”. His critique of religion, patriotism, liberalism, the principles of authority and hierarchy remains modern even a century and a half later, in the XXIst century.

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