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Bicentennial conference (1814-2014) – Pryamukhino, Russia

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Website on Bakunin

bakunin.de_bannerSince September 2013 a new Bakunin website is online in German language: www.bakunin.de

It is dedicated to international research on Bakunin and includes an extensive bibliography section with many downloadable printings of Bakunin published during the 19th century and several scans of his manuscripts scattered throughout the internet. The most important collections of his works in FrenchRussianEnglish, etc. are listed as well.

A special section is dedicated to the major researchers on Bakunin such as Arthur LehningNatal’ja PirumovaMax Nettlau and others, including complete lists of their publications related to Bakunin. An extra page is dedicated to Nettlau’s first Bakunin biography (1896-1900) which offers, among other things, a list of known copies of that manuscript and a free download of a copy of Nettlau’s work.


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