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Bicentennial conference (1814-2014) – Pryamukhino, Russia

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Viaggio in Italia, nell’ottocento

BAKUNIN Viaggio in Italia_COVER.inddViaggio in Italia di Michail Bakunin (pagg. 144, € 12.00, a cura di Lorenzo Pezzica). Milano, Eleuthera, 2013.

di Lorenzo Pezzica

Nelle sue vorticose peregrinazioni, ora per partecipare a un’insurrezione ora per sfuggire a un arresto, Michail Bakunin soggiornò spesso in Italia, soprattutto negli anni sessanta dell’ottocento. Un libro da poco edito da Elèuthera ne riporta le acute descrizioni e osservazioni. Ecco la prefazione del curatore.

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Lost, but not forgotten

Obelisque_alexanderNo, this blog entry is not about a TV series called “Lost”, which featured a guy named Mikhail Bakunin. This is a about a recent event in Moscow, and a sad one.

Russia is quite notorious for its disregard for its own past (and official history tends to be re-written every several decades or so). Just recently, in November 2013, as the Putin regime started official celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty, Moscow lost one of its historical monuments under the guise of “restoration”. The monument – originally erected for the 300th anniversary of the Romanovs’ rule in Russia in 1914 and later subject to a detournement by the Bolshevik government as part of the latter’s “monumental propaganda plan” – bore the names of various non-Bolshevik socialist revolutionaries from Gerard Winstanley through to Georgy Plekhanov. In fact, it appears that apart from the grave stone in Bern, this had probably been the only monument to Bakunin (not that the famous anarchist cared for monuments).

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